Knowledge Management and Technology are two of the critical elements in the society of our time. Perhaps the activities that allow us to create wealth and prosperity, making it possible to reinvent our increasingly complex society. With this conviction was born GECOTEND SL., Who aims to encourage more diverse and innovative science in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

GECOTEND SL., represents a serious commitment to this discipline, and for that, we have a scientific, technological and business community prepared, which will manage the knowledge to become the hub of social and economic development the country needs, as we have underscore our political leaders. We look to the future. A future that undoubtedly we will form part of that group of leading countries in Research, Development and Innovation. A future of continuous changing in which our citizens will be pioneers in the scientific and innovative spirit, and where also we can observe a strong business network, dynamic and innovative.

GECOTEND SL has already begun to build that future, and our commitment is to make it happen every day, developing effective policies at the service of science, technology and business, generating the necessary confidence in the agents and the public, reinforcing the conviction that we can be a reference into the Spanish business group in science and innovation.

These are our signs of identity: Entrepreneurship, Efficiency, Innovation, Cooperation, and Internationalization, and…

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